We Offer:

CranioSacral Therapy: SomatoEmotional Release, Viscderal Manipulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Ear Seeds, Moxibustion, Cupping, Qi Gong, Tuina Massage, Herbal Medicine

Scenar Therapy


SomatoEmotional Release

Visceral Manipulation

Lymph Drainage; Touch for Health; Tibetan Energy; Reflexology

Here is an article on Daoyin Breathing which is a simple technique for emotional processing. Easy and quick to do, it aids in releasing both emotional and physical discomfort.


As a natural healer, and registered acupuncturist I combine my training in Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, Medical Qi Gong, CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmtoional Release, Visceral Manipulation, Touch For Health, Tibetan Energy, and Reflexology to provide each person with a healing experience to meet their own unique needs. I have practiced taichi and qigong for twelve years.


As a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and with a Masters of Science in ecology, I am interested in applying a holistic approach to health and treatments using Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, tuina massage, and medical qi gong. I have been practicing CranioSacral Therapy for the past nine years and received advance training in SomatoEmotional Release and Visceral Manipulation from the Upledger Institute.


Leni recently graduated from the 5-year doctorate program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences where she received great mentorship from David and Laurie Knox during her practicum in 4th year. This relationship has been growing since and Leni discovered through David and Laurie how a deep connection to each of her patients needs to be established before true healing is able to occur.  more about Leni.

Clinic Location – 1013 Gore Street

From Baker Street in downtown Nelson, go uphill on Stanley Street and turn left on Gore Street. Travel up to Park Street and the clinic is on the left in a three story green painted house. Parking is available on Park Street, Gore Street, or in the drive way. Follow the signs to the clinic entrance in the middle of the ground floor.