We Offer:

CranioSacral Therapy: SomatoEmotional Release, Visceral Manipulation, Pediatrics

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Ear Seeds, Moxibustion, Cupping, Qi Gong, Tuina Massage, Herbal Medicine

Scenar Therapy

SomatoEmotional Release

Visceral Manipulation

Also:  Psych K Therapy; Lymphatic Drainage, Brain Therapy and Heart Centred Therapy from the Chikley Institute, Theta Healing and Touch for Health (Five Meridian Balance without needles).


David has written an article that gives ideas how to support and stimulate a healthy active immune response. Your Immune System and How To Work With It

Here is an article on Daoyin Breathing which is a simple technique for emotional processing. Easy and quick to do, it aids in releasing both emotional and physical discomfort.


As a natural healer and a Registered Acupuncturist, I provide each person with a healing experience to meet their own unique needs. My training includes: Classical and TCM Acupuncture, with two internships in China; CranioSacral Therapy (24 years experience), with advanced training in SomatoEmtoional Release and Pediatrics from the Upledger Institute; Scenar Therapy; Lymphatic Drainage; Touch For Health (Five Element Meridian Balance with no needles); and Psych K therapy. My gift is to be able to sense any disturbances at a cellular level and through a pulsing techniques help the cells and meridians release held tension, small increments at a time. The result is an overall drop into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. It is in these deeper levels of relaxation that profound healing occurs.


As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and with a Masters of Science in ecology, I am interested in applying a holistic approach to health and treatments using Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, tuina massage, medical qi gong.  More recently I have received training in Lymphatic Drainage, Heart Centred Therapy and Brain Therapy (Including Neonatal Reflexes Therapy) from the Chikley Institute, Theta Healing and Psych K Therapy.  I have been practicing CranioSacral Therapy for the past 24 years and received advance training in SomatoEmotional Release, and Paediatrics from the Upledger Institute.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Animal Therapy with Rio, Luna, Princess (Golden Labs), and Bee or Sapphire (cats) maybe included in your treatment.  Please let us know if you do not wish this therapy.

Welcome Alexandra D'Amour!

Alexandra started her healing journey in David’s office 4 years ago. The technique used were exactly what she has been looking for and she decided to follow the learning path right away. She went on to get certified as a Theta Healing practitioner, also known as “ Belief work therapy”, which help you identify and release deep unconscious belief that brings tension into your life for a more balanced and relaxed daily life.

Alexandra is now a trauma informed breathwork facilitator. This technique uses the activation breath phase to bring you in a second state so you can bring your full attention to any parts of your life that needs it, for then going into the restorative phase where you get to complete the learning of past trauma and gently and beautifully heal from it. It is often compared to an experience of Ayahuasca and other psychedelic plants but the most important difference is that you are and will be in control of your breath, therefore in control of your own experience, the whole time. It is a safe way to instantly connect with your heart without your mind in the way!

Alexandra is currently under the mentorship of David and Laurie and is adding to her knowledge Gua Sha scrapping, cupping, moxa burning and the basics of acupuncture, lymph drainage and Craniosacral.


To set up an appointment call 250-777-2365
Or email her at Alexedamour@hotmail.fr
Book Online at https://calendly.com/damouralexandra

Theta/Gua sha scrapping and cupping/ Energy work  1hr session - by donation

For a Breathwork session, a questionnaire and a waiver will be sent to you after booking.
* Important notice: Alexandra does not offer acupuncture nor Chinese medicine herbs. Therefore, her services can not be claimed on insurance.

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From Baker Street in downtown Nelson, go uphill on Stanley Street and turn left on Gore Street. Travel up to Park Street and the clinic is on the left in a three story green painted house. Parking is available on Park Street, Gore Street, or in the drive way. Follow the signs to the clinic entrance in the middle of the ground floor.