In Response to the COVID 19

COVID 19 Be Safe Plan for Phase 3

Clinic restrictions are now at about 60% capacity offering in person appointments, EXCEPT for:

Those who have ANY of the following COVID 19 symptoms - fever, chills, new or worsening dry cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, loose of taste or smell, and new muscle aches and headache.
Those who have been in contact with a confirmed COVID 19 person.
Those who have been in contact with someone that was traveling outside of Canada who was to self-isolate.
Those who have travelled outside of Canada and must self-isolate.

Help Us All Be Safe
Please wear a mask, and use the hand sanitizer provided before entering and after leaving the clinic waiting area, the washroom, and individual clinic rooms.
Maintain physical distancing as much as possible by waiting outdoors until the previous patient has left when there is favorable weather, or waiting in your car, or adjusting your distancing in the waiting area to ensure a 2m distance.

Thank you for your support and understanding. If your situation is urgent please phone 354-3954 to get an emergency appointment.

David and Laurie Knox


General Suggestions:

The best prevention is limiting social contact as much as possible and when planning to go out in public wash your hands before and after, meanwhile avoid touching your face as this is how the virus is transmitted to you. Keep a 2m distance where it is possible. Important: See online videos on how to wash hands.

It is best to stay positive, have fun and go outside in nature every day for walks and exercise, drink water, eat healthy whole foods, prepare to plant a garden and stock the pantry.

Have your favorite onset of cold strategy ready. (i.e. Oil of oregano, colloidal silver, Vit C and zinc, Thieves oil, fresh ginger tea with honey, Antiviral tincture, etc.) Most important is to rest after the onset of a cold or flu.

For regular colds we have some Chinese herbal formulas in stock: If the onset cold progresses to a head cold - Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan to relieve headache, runny nose, slight fever, tickly throat, sneezing. If Cold progresses to cough with profuse clear phlegm take Xiao Qing Long Wan. If phlegm colors turns to yellow and is sticky take herbs to clear heat from lungs like Te Xiao Qing Tan Capsules or Qing Fei Hua Tan tincture. Personalized herbal formula will be needed with confirmed COVID 19.

Covid-19 Symptom Relief

The following article has self-applied techniques which appear to greatly ease symptoms of the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, in the people that have applied it. It appeared to help even in a person who had tested positive for the virus, whose chest was starting to tighten up and for whom breathing had become harder work.
Covid 19 Symptom Management

Your Immune System and How To Work With It

David has written an article that gives ideas how to support and stimulate a healthy active immune response. Your Immune System and How To Work With It

Basic Exercise to Increase Immune Function

Gua Sha Scraping Technique