Leni Neumeier

Leni recently graduated from the 5-year doctorate program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences where she received great mentorship from David and Laurie Knox during her practicum in 4th year. This relationship has been growing since and Leni discovered through David and Laurie how a deep connection to each of her patients needs to be established before true healing is able to occur. David and Laurie made it so clear to her that Chinese Medicine is not only an academic study but a lifestyle of cultivating the inner landscape and this is the reason why Leni decided to spend her post-graduate clinical practicum at their clinic.

Before studying Chinese Medicine, Leni spent most of her life working in the mountains as a guide and business owner in Canada and Mexico. Having grown up in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, she started traveling early on in her life and has explored remote places in Europe, South America, Central America and South East Asia. Her intuitive connection to people within their diverse environments allows Leni to diagnose not only the branch factors of pathology but to unveil the root causes that are often not looked at.

Leni is trained in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na massage therapy, cupping, gua sha, Scenar bio-electrical stimulation and moxabustion. Now she is also learning complex therapeutic techniques of cranial sacral therapy and somatic emotional release work with David and Laurie Knox to attain restorative and beneficial options for her patients.